Security Services

ITSCI takes security very seriously. We consider all types of security threats, not just those pertaining to networks. Aside from network security we also focus on physical security, personnel security, and data security.

Due to challenging fiscal constraints many organizations have security policies that are ineffective, incomplete, or even non-existent. Our qualified team of consultants can perform risk assessments for both your infrastructure and physical location then formulate the best solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Core Benefits

• Reduced risk of Viruses

• Reduced vulnerability to Hackers

• Increased protection of valuable company data

• Compliancy with industry specific security guidelines such as HIPAA, and SOX

• Piece of Mind through our 24/7 monitoring capability by ProPoint Guardian™

ITSCI draws from years of network and system security experience to employ a wide range of solutions that are tailored specifically for your business. By preparing you for today’s challenges, we can help you protect your investment. Some of our widely used security solutions are listed below.

Core Security Services

• Antivirus Protection and Updates

• Group and User Policy Implementation

• Secure VPN and Firewall Solutions

• Spyware and Malware Cleaning

• Security Audits

• Network Penetration Testing

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